BSW Farm

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Summer Sausage 16oz  $14.00

Summer Sausage 8 oz.$ 11.50 

Bacon $15.50/lb

Brats $16.50/lb

Morning Links $13.50/lb.

Meatloaf 1-1\2 lb.$ 19.50 

Hot Dogs $14.50/lb. 


Plain and Pepper ea.$ 6.50

Snap Stick ea. $5.50

Stew meat $12.00

Cooked BBQ Bison $14.50

Dog Food $12.00/lb.

Bison Roasts are available at various prices.

Please Place your order using the " contact us" form on one of our pages or by calling  262-215-1543
Prices subject to change with out notice.
products must be ordered the Thurs. before you want it.